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Gossip Girl: Gossip, Fashion & Style

The "gossip girls of extreme" always amazed the audience with their fashion style. What is their secret? Based on the popular book series of the same name, CW's hit drama Gossip Girls gives us a peek into the world of privileged teenagers of an elite private school in New York. The main gossip girls are... the blonde Serena van der Woodsen and the brunette Blair Waldorf.

You will see all the fashion on show during the filming for Gossip Girl in just a moment. The "gossip girls of extremes" Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, the queens of this chess game, are back with a fifth season for Gossip Girl! Also, did you know that there's a Gossip Girl's official clothing line inspired by the lead characters?

Serena van der Woodsen

Everything you need to know about Serena van der Woodsen - Gossip Girl Fashion

Portrayed by Blake Lively in the TV series, Serena van der Woodsen is described as a stunning, ethereal 5'7" beauty, having blond hair and navy blue eyes. Many of the gossip girls at Constance Billard envy her, giving her beauty perfect credits for everything Serena achieved in her life.

gossip girl serena van der woodsen

Serena is smart, but often people judge her on looks alone. However, those few who are not judging her by looks, tell her that she's not working at her full potential. is a charming character and the "constant talk of Manhattan". Her parents are on the boards of all major charities and art organizations in the city. Despite the attention she receives from the opposite sex, Serena longs for true romance, which she tries to find in the outsider Dan.

When Serena van der Woodsen unexpectedly returns to New York under a cloud of suspicion, she is initially unwelcome by her best friend , the other main gossip girl. Blair is upset by the lack of contact during Serena's absence, and has assumed the position as "queen bee" on the Manhattan's social scene. After she returns, Serena van der Woodsen is more focused on changing and becoming a better person, wanting things to return to normal at the same time. This is the total opposite of her portrait in the Gossip Girls books, where she's always at glamorous parties.

Discovering that her boyfriend Nate slept with Serena a year before, Blair Waldorf is unwilling to continue the friendship with Serena. After the affair, Serena felt the need to escape to boarding school, but returns an year later, because she was kicked out. Serena also left for another reason: a guy she was with overdosed and died, while her "good" friend Georgina filmed the whole scene on tape. She had strong reasons to leave NY.

serena van der woodsen fashion

Back in Manhattan, Serena van der Woodsen meets the outsider Dan Humphrey and begins a relationship with him. At the same time Dan's father Rufus and Serena's mother Lily revive their past relationship.

Because of Blair's wrongful public defamation of Serena van der Woodsen and the realization that Serena's brother had attempted suicide and was secretly receiving treatment, Blair tries to mend their gossip girls friendship.

Serena mixes lots of fashion-forward and vintage pieces together for a look that is "boho chic" with a rocker-chick edge. To find out more about the Gossip Girls fashion, watch the photos below...

Throughout the year, Serena van der Woodsen and Dan's relationship is continually tested by the elite class, the other gossip girls and the return of his best friend, Vanessa. Yet, despite such problematic situations, their relationship grows stronger by each week. However, at the end of junior year Serena and Dan's relationship begins to erode. While they attempt to mend it, Dan is unable to cope with the lies and class differences that separate him from Serena, therefore they break up at the Bass wedding, as you already know.

Serena has always been a fashion step ahead -- even in high school. Constance's most popular rebel successfully mixed the boho chic and rocker style to create her own unique look. She really loved dresses with sequins, patterns and studs. In college, Serena stayed true to her original style and her glamor-chic heritage.

Serena van der Woodsen Gossip Girl Photos (Click to enlarge)

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serena van der woodsen fashion amazing dress serena van der woodsen sexy serena van der woodsen fashion black dress serena van der woodsen pictures

Blair Waldorf

Everything you need to know about Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl Fashion

Portrayed by Leighton Meester in the TV series, Blair Waldorf is described as a 5'4" slender girl with brown eyes and a fox-like face. While very intelligent, some of Blair's biggest vices are her "insecurities" with regard to her social status amongst the other gossip girls, insecurities which often turn her into an overachiever. This is partly due to a certain degree of jealousy she feels toward her friend and occasional rival, Serena.

gossip girl blair waldorf

While she is the most flawed of the "gossip girls", Blair is also the most likeable, eventually outrunning Serena van der Woodsen and becoming the star of the show. Blair Waldorf was born into high society on "Manhattan's Upper East Side." Her father is Harold Waldorf, a successful lawyer who is gay and lives in France with his boyfriend. Blair's mother is Eleanor Waldorf Rose, a fashion designer with whom she has a rocky relationship. To find out more about the Gossip Girl fashion, watch the photos below.

Blair grew up with popular "gossip girl" Serena van der Woodsen and boyfriend Nate Archibald. She's a hopeless romantic who cuts her (brunette) hair to her ears to look just like her idol, Audrey Hepburn. Blair is a student at the elite "Constance Billard School for Girls." When Serena van der Woodsen unexpectedly returns to New York City, Blair Waldorf doesn't want to give up her spotlight as being the "most happening girl" in the city and starts nasty rumors about her.

Blair Waldorf moves frequently and, after Nate, her relationships with other men have been quite rocky. At the end of season 1 of Gossip Girls, Blair and Chuck seemed to have a good thing going, only to watch him return to his bachelor habits. A good portion of Blair's storyline in season 2 revolves around her relationship with Chuck. After being accepted at Yale, Blair Waldorf goes with Nate on a boat trip around the world and returns before college starts. Unfortunately for her, Nate will not stay for the summer...

Blair Waldorf Gossip Girl Photos (Click to enlarge)

blair waldorf style blair waldorf look blair waldorf character blair waldorf fashion
blair waldorf bulimic dress like blair waldorf blair waldorf fashion green actress who plays blair waldorf

Did you Know?

  1. You can stay in touch with the latest Gossip Girl news by becoming a fan on Facebook (Gossip Girl fan page).

  2. TV Guide ranked gossip girl Blair Waldorf among its "Best-Dressed TV Characters."

  3. At the end of the series, Nate can't choose between Serena or Blair so he leaves, trying to figure his life out.

  4. Blake Lively has won two "Teen Choice Awards" for her role in "Gossip Girls" as Serena van der Woodsen.

  5. Gossip Girl was designated the "Best Show Ever" in April 2008, by NY Magazine.

  6. There are thirteen Gossip Girl books, starting with "Gossip Girl" and ending with "I Will Always Love You".

  7. Yahoo! proclaimed Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf a high school "alpha female".

  8. The unseen blogger girl's voice in Gossip Girl belongs to Kristen Bell.

  9. Blair uses her charm, money and social status to get what she wants. But I guess you already knew that...

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